Matched Student Savings Program
Matched Student Savings Program
Invest in your College Success

The Matched Student Savings Program, or MS2, is not a loan. It is an income and need-based financial aid program. MS2 is renewable for up to four years depending on on-going funding as long as students reapply and remain eligible.

MS2 is an innovative, privately funded, need-based financial aid program that pairs resources with eligible students pursuing a college education at one of Washington’s leading independent colleges and universities. MS2 makes college more affordable by matching student savings at a 6:1 ratio, giving students a total of $3,500 to use for tuition or approved educational expenses per enrollment year! MS2 teaches and rewards a healthy habit of savings.

The MS2 program allows income-eligible students to enroll in college and graduate with, if not lower loan debt, lower financial stress and more time to focus on academics. By doing so, MS2 increases access for Washington’s low-income students. This allows them to acquire a lifetime asset and change the trajectory of not only their lives, but their families’ for generations to come. We invite you to take our eligibility quiz today! (MS2 is a managed and administered by Independent Colleges of Washington.)


MS2 Student Success Stories
Some of our scholarships are selected by committee and require an application and essay. Some are focused on majors, others on community service or place of residence. Notification of awards will be sent to students and college financial aid offices no later than July 1, 2019. In 2018, thanks to the support from partners like you, more than 36 students across four member campuses are closer to achieving their dream: completing college and being workforce-ready! The 2019 class currently sits at 51 student savers across six member campuses. The ICW Matched Student Savings (MS2) program—an IDA asset building tool—provides underrepresented and low-income students attending a 4-year independent nonprofit college in Washington with equitable access and financial incentives to stay in college and complete their education.


Who Can Participate in MS2?
Through funding from Independent Colleges of Washington (ICW), MS2 is available to eligible students attending or planning to attend the following participating ICW member colleges*: Heritage University, Pacific Lutheran University, Saint Martin’s University, Seattle Pacific University, Whitman College, Whitworth University. Other ICW member colleges are eligible to participate if interested (Gonzaga University, Seattle University, University of Puget Sound, and Walla Walla University).


How Does MS2 Work?

1. Apply: We invite you to take our eligibility quiz today!

2. Create a Savings Plan Agreement (we help you!)

3. Once you are enrolled... Complete 4 hours of financial education courses and a Personal Development Plan

4. Make deposits from earned income, based on your customized Savings Plan

5. Use your funds to pay for college

The goal is to have students enrolled and graduated from MS2 within a 12-month period and if funding is available, you may re-enroll to repeat the savings process for a maximum four-year period. A student enrolled in MS2 for four years has the opportunity to access a total of $14,000 in savings and matched funding for college! To re-enroll, students must qualify and re-apply each enrollment year.


MS2 Advisor Resources (Coming Soon)
Please Contact Kris Gonzales if you have any questions.



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“Without the aid I receive, I wouldn’t have been able to go to college and I wouldn’t have been able to fulfill my dreams.”
MS2 Participant